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Location: Frankfurt International Exhibition Center


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Germany Frankfurt National Office supplies exhibition held in 1949 for the first time, once a year, timeless. The exhibition is organized by the Frankfurt International Exhibition Company, which kicks off every spring in Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt, Germany "Paperworld" is the leading trade event for paper products and office stationery industry, attracting professionals from all over the world every year. Since the nineties, the annual Paperworld has attracted a large number of exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. "Paperworld" for the world's stationery office supplies manufacturing enterprises and increasingly prosperous stationery consumer market to provide the most quality services.


2017 exhibitors total area is ​​nearly 40,000 square meters; 1520 exhibitors participated in the event, attracted more than 30,000 countries from 58 countries, professional visitors and buyers. Germany Since its originally, Paperworld has become a leading provider of office supplies, gifts and other professional companies to develop the European market, especially the German market, master the professional information, to understand today's international market trends, master the latest technology and signing the contract the most important exhibition. The exhibition is considered the world's largest industry, the most high-grade, the most valuable professional exhibition. The exhibition is the most important places  for the exhibitors to master the professional information, to understand the current international market trends, signed a contract and open up the international market.


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According to the China Paper Industry Association published in the "China Paper Industry 2016 Annual Report", 2016 paper and paperboard imports 2.97 million tons, up 3.48% over the previous year, exports 7.33 million tons, up 13.64% over the previous year; paper imports 120,000 tons , Unchanged from the previous year, paper exports 2.91 million tons, up 2.46% over the previous year. Among them, only newsprint, packaging paper, cardboard, corrugated paper imports greater than the export volume.


To promote the overseas paper market price increases, not limited to the Chinese factor. Forced by the main raw materials (especially recycled paper and coal) prices since last year's rise, many overseas paper prices also choose to raise prices.


IBISWorld, a US market research firm, argues that a major factor driving the rise in paper prices is the need for paper supplies to keep up with paper packaging products. The growing demand for paper packaging is driven by three major factors:


Increased consumer spending


One of the factors that affect this trend is the improvement of economic activity, the encouragement of more enterprises to create or expand their business, increase the number of hiring, and thus create more job opportunities. In addition, the unemployment rate is expected to remain stable over the next two years, economic confidence increases, consumer spending is further increased, consumer goods are usually transported in paper packaging, resulting in increased demand.


E-commerce growth


Broadband Internet connectivity and mobile Internet connection growth will further drive e-commerce sales. The use of smartphones and tablets increases the speed of e-commerce purchases and further increases the packaging requirements for a variety of products purchased online.


Growing industrial production


It is expected that by 2019, the industrial production index such as mining, manufacturing, electricity and natural gas will continue to rise. Industrial activities and the growth of business activities, is expected to promote the demand for paper packaging products.


The rally continued until 2019?


Analysts said that from the current domestic situation, the fourth quarter demand for paper season, is expected by the end of 2017, the price of paper will be easy to rise or difficult to fall the market. Factors that affect the price of paper, including production costs, production capacity, demand and other factors, can not assert what circumstances can stop paper prices.


According to IBISWorld, it is expected that the price of log pulp will remain at an annual rate of 5.1% by 2019.


Paper-related assets have recently been sought after, but potential challenges have taken shape. Some of the major domestic paper mills have increased production, but if all the paper mills are flocked, the industry gains may summit in 2017, and in 2018 to 2019 to achieve a smooth.


The increase in the price of the pulp pulp increases the production costs of paper-related industries, especially the production costs of paper packaging products manufacturers. In order to compensate for rising input costs, paper packaging manufacturers and suppliers will eventually pass these costs to the end consumer.







According to the latest global print and packaging market survey, the Somerset Pear Institute, the international market research organization, has shown that Asia's market is the largest in the field of flexible packaging, sign printing and folding cartons. China, India and other developing countries, the potential of amazing, they promote the development of the printing and packaging industry has a very important role in promoting.


Flexible packaging market prospects can be expected


In the past 10 years, flexible packaging has been one of the fastest growing demand in the packaging market due to the pursuit of consumer packaging and sustainable packaging. According to the Smithers Pear Institute estimates, this year's global demand for flexible packaging market was $ 210 billion, with consumption of 26.2 million tonnes and market value of $ 91.7 billion; the demand for flexible packaging market is expected to be 3 per annum % To $ 248 billion, and consumption will grow to an annual rate of 3.8% to 31.7 million tonnes, with market value increasing to an annual growth rate of 4.4% to $ 114 billion.

Data show that the global consumer market demand for flexible packaging will continue to accelerate the growth trend, which accounted for the proportion of demand in developing countries will continue to expand. As the largest consumer of flexible packaging, China's market consumption in 2015 reached 6.07 million tons. Asia is the largest consumer area, accounting for 40% of the global total, 2015 to 2020, flexible packaging consumption will be an average annual growth rate of 6.6%. India and China, the fastest growth in flexible packaging consumption, the average annual growth rate is expected to reach 9.4% and 6.9%.

It is understood that nearly 75% of the world's flexible packaging products for food packaging, which meat, fish and poultry is the largest amount of food, followed by candy and baked goods. Between 2010 and 2015, consumption of food flexible packaging increased at an average annual rate of 4.0%, followed by consumption growth of beverages and pharmaceuticals.


Signage printing market development is weak


Somerset Peeer Institute survey results show that in 2014 the global label printing products total consumption of 12.8 billion square meters of material, the market value of more than 49.4 billion US dollars. It is predicted that by 2020 the global printing plate material consumption will reach 13.6 billion square meters, the market value of 49.8 billion US dollars.

At present, Asia dominates the market for global sign printing. The acceleration of economic growth in Asia and the continued growth of the population provide an opportunity for the expansion of the size of the label printing market. In 2014, Asian label printing production accounted for 48% of the global total, 2020 this proportion will increase to 54%. Western Europe and North America will continue to reduce the proportion of production is expected to rebound is less likely. According to the survey, the growth requirements of the label printing market are concentrated in emerging markets around the world, India and China have the greatest potential.

Products, indoor signs printed production accounted for 72% of the total global label printing. From 2014 to 2020, the global label printing market will grow at an average annual rate of 0.8%. Among them, the indoor sign printing market size will increase by 1.2% and the outdoor sign printing market will shrink by 0.4% per annum. Food and grocery retail sales of printed matter on the demand for the most obvious, India, Indonesia, China, Russia, retail sales of printing a larger increase in signs.

It should be noted that the use of digital signage is impacting the traditional label printing market. According to statistics, global digital signage equipment, software, services and media revenue will reach 17 billion US dollars in 2017, the digital media platform will be the most favorable platform for advertising.


Folding carton market growth slowed


According to the Smithers Pear Institute, the size of the folding carton market will continue to grow. Market consumption this year, an increase of nearly 5%, after 5 years will maintain an average annual growth rate of 3.5%. 2020 global folding carton market consumption will reach 47 million tons, the market value will reach 106 billion US dollars.

The survey results show that the market value of folding cartons in Asia and Asia will reach $ 87 billion by 2020, and the share of consumption will rise from 52% in 2014 to over 60%. China dominated the global trend of folding carton market, its market share in 2020 will increase from 31% in 2010 to 39%. India's market share will increase to more than 6%.

The report shows that folding carton packaging is mainly used for health care products, tobacco packaging needs ranked second. As the number of supermarkets and large retail stores is increasing, the demand for folding cartons for dry food and frozen foods is also significantly improved. Emerging home care products, small electrical appliances, including smart phones and other products also promote the demand for folding carton growth.

Facing the growing competitive pressures, folding carton manufacturers improve technology, processes and design to ensure that consumers can distinguish their products on the shelves. According to the Smithers Pear Institute, printing and packaging companies need to invest in new printing technology to provide richer colors and sophisticated postpress processes such as thermoforming packaging, embossing, embossing, partial glazing, etc. Technology, enhance their competitiveness.





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China Packaging Container Show will start in April 2018 in glory debut


Annual China Packaging Industry Event - China Packaging Container Show will be held in April 10, 2018 ? April 12 ,2018 in Guangdong Modern

 International Exhibition Center, located in Houjie, Dongguan.


The new exhibition will focus on the theme of "innovative fusion and green intelligence". It is expected that there will be thousands of popular "black technology" products related to green packaging and smart packaging. The exhibition will lead the innovation platform of China's packaging industry.


China Packaging Container Exhibition is held by the China Packaging Federation and Reed Exhibitions ,together to create a strong variety of packaging containers professional display platform. Collection of national industry associations in the domestic industry superiority resources, coupled with the international exhibition organization rich experience in global exhibition, the organizers will provide packaging companies with a highly efficient docking and resource sharing business platform. The organizer will place the organization of the professional audience in the same important position as the exhibitor's invitation. In 2018, the organizer will invite more than 10,000 packaging research and development from the end industry such as food, beverage, cosmetic, daily use, home appliance digital, electric business logistics and medical care , The market, executives and procurement decision-makers come to the scene to promote trade. It is worth mentioning that the organizers this year for the first time launched the "Golden Bridge" full year packaging and docking with the new service, breaking the exhibition time and space limitations for the packaging enterprises to provide accurate procurement trade matching information to help enterprises to develop new customers, Open up new markets and open up new situations.

Exhibition has now formed a "two-year Dongguan, single-year Shanghai" pattern, based in South China and East China's two major industrial clusters, the radiation. In the future, the organizers will be the Chinese packaging containers to create a foothold in China, developed into a global influence of the packaging industry exhibition.


China is currently the world's second largest packaging power. According to statistics, the total output value of packaging industry in 2016 amounted to 1.9 trillion yuan. In the "area along the way" national strategy and the rapid development of electricity business background, China is expected in 2018 to become the world's largest consumer of packaged products.


At the same time, in the country put forward to accelerate the transformation of economic development situation under the general trend of China's packaging industry also ushered in a new round of industrial transformation and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the development of the formation of an important period of historical convergence, the future packaging industry will usher in a huge opportunity.













Tour in London?the right way to visit Windsor Castle

I am invariably think that the word ,Windsor, is full of warmth and tender feelings . The small beautiful city witnessed many modern everlasting love stories.A lot of people come to Windsor to visit this legendary Castle ,and to see the luxury and wealth of English royal household.

Next,let's see the beautiful Castle together with our products.

The Windsor Castle,situated in Windsor ,the royal autonomous town of maidenhead Berkshire South east of England Britain, now is the household Castle of British Royal Family in the House of Windsor.Also, it is one of the largest castles where someone lives.What's more, the other view is the bustling Windsor Town.Every time the night comes, the charming night piece of Windsor Town invariably makes people think about it.

Windsor Castle, an hour of drive from London,was founded in 1070 by William I. In 1100, the King Henry I held a haj ritual in Windsor Castle.Since then , it officially became the activity place for Britain Royalty.

I can feel the deep feelings of aristocracy on reading the word-Windsor . In such a clean early autumn, coming to the Castle set between the green field and forest ,and wandering in the mottled Castle with honey color, we still can feel the Novak momentum of the British Empire,and feel the Queen ,Elizabeth I's extraordinary love to Windsor Castle.

We finished our visit to Windsor Castle till the sun set. Under the shining of the sunset glow, the quality of Crown Win packing can stand the test of time. The pictures are never processed. The real high-quality packing needn't any decoration.You can feel the quality with your eyes.

The tour to Windsor is eyeable ,unforgettable,and worthwhile.